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Modern, Sexy & Fashionable Ladies Dance Shoes

Modern, Sexy & Fashionable Ladies Dance Shoes

Modern, Sexy & Fashionable Ladies Dance ShoesModern, Sexy & Fashionable Ladies Dance Shoes

How to care for your dance shoes


Shoe Fit

When fitting dance shoes, they need to feel like they fit perfectly. The fit and feel of the shoe will vary slightly for shoe types designed for a specific type of dance. All types of dance shoes should fit snugly to the foot. Once a foot is inside the dance shoe, it should not be able to move or slide around.

It is important that the shoe not be too loose, as the foot will be unable to properly grip and could throw you off balance. If the shoe is too tight, you will not have proper flexibility and the tightness could cause serious injuries. Choosing a shoe that is half a size or one size smaller than ordinary shoe size should be close to the proper dance fit. The difference between snug and tight can be very slight, so it is important to understand how the shoe should feel. A snug shoe should be form fitting to the foot. There should be just enough room to wiggle the toes and no slipping in the heel. A dance shoe that is too tight will hurt immediately. The foot will feel uncomfortable and even the simplest movements will be hindered. If the feet hurt, even before any activity, the shoe is too small. Dance shoes should feel comfortable on the foot in order to accommodate the hours of practice and performance. A brand new pair of dance shoes should feel tight, but not painfully so. Over time and use, the material will stretch and loosen up.

Fabric Care

You should do all you can to avoid getting your shoes wet as this can stain and damage the satin. In terms of cleaning satin shoes, please do be careful what products you use as some may be too strong and this can ruin the material. We advise using a white spirit that is diluted to be a split 50/50 with water but please be careful!

The PU &  leather-look shoes can be wiped down with a damp cloth using a mild detergent.

Heel Care

To preserve the condition of the heel tip, it is recommended that you use Heel Protectors. We provide a spare set of heel tips with each pair of shoes, so when the heel tip wares down, you can replace it to freshen up your shoes.

Sole Care

It is very important to avoid wearing your dance shoes outside and try to limit use away from the dance floor as much as possible. This will ensure that your soles stay in the best condition possible. Don’t let them get wet and avoid rough surfaces as this could cause the material to cut. We use very soft suede, which is combined to suit the dance floor and support great comfort and flexibility.

To maintain the condition of your soles, use our Shoe Brush - the essential accessory! Using the brush doesn’t only ensure the soles are kept clean, but they can also increase the friction of the sole. We always advise Shoe Brush users to avoid allowing the brush to connect with areas of the shoe other than the sole, as this can severely damage materials as the brushes are quite sharp. Of course, be careful not to catch your fingers on the brush too!